Making Blue Screen Movie

You will need to use Windows Movie Maker 2.6 download it there or . It would be faster to download from the official site.

You will need this if you are using XP or this if you are sing windows 7. Sorry Vista didn't work for me.

Watch the video or follow instructions below to make it all work.

  1. Once movie maker is installed, place the appropriate xml file in the AddOnTHX folder. If there is no folder make one. That folder should go in the Shared folder in movie maker, that will be there.
  2. Once that is done reopen movie maker and in the transitions folder there will now be a "Bluescreen" transition.
  3. Now you are ready to make your movie.
  4. One movie will be the background, you can use a photo or image off the net. You can screen record a youtube clip or use an avi, just check that movie maker recognises it.
  5. The other movie is the one that will go on top of the background. This one will be using the blue screen. Either a blue piece of material or use your data projector to project a blue background to work against.
  6. Once you have the two clips put them into movie maker with the background one first and the bluescreen transition in between.
  7. Slide the foreground clip over the top of the background clip and release. It can take a bt of getting it right. The back ground clip will need to be a little bit longer than the foreground clip. If your in a hurry you are done.
  8. I usually make this into a movie file and clip he ends off to tidy it up then put it into what ever movie I am making.