Nuts and Bolts with an Interactive white board in the classroom

Have your interactive whiteboard on before school with some activity that engages the students. It can be related to a class topic, but what ever gets them using it is good. Examples on the internet that never get old: Falling Sand Sheep Monkey Jim . Simply having the handwriting recognition tool active will keep them busy for a term.

Five minutes before the bell at the start of the day; use it to take the roll. The students can do it themselves... if you or a student make a template. They can drag their picture over there name and then when teacher looks they can see instantly who is here or not. Have one for each day of the week to save you repeating yourself all term. Also keep a copy of it somewhere so if a student saves it when everything is moved you do not have to fix it all.

Create your students names as objects and save them into your resources/library so you do not have to repeatedly write out names. DON'T write them out, just drag them out of a word document or off an ETAP list.
Use the group tool to group each name and photo are handy. Get a student to make them all.
Use the board to create seating plan. Once done it is easy to rearrange and show the class.
When creating groups for reading, GSR, reading, maths, duty groups etc. use the grouped name photos to throw them around the board.
You can export any flipchart/notebook/page usually into a pdf, powerpoint or webpage. Good for portfolios or work sample. Also good to give team leaders to show your planning, assessment, reflections blah blah.