external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4851140383803156&id=235ee4d41f809b69f4cae9dfd865f563 Skype:Talk for free with video and chat. Everyone nows it. Skype - Skype Software S.a.r.l

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4800940813320887&id=6b19a4d09b001f866ee1598ec806f5f9Kindle:Reading books just got so easy. Kindle – Read Books, Magazines & More – Over 1 Million eBooks & Newspapers - AMZN Mobile LLC

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4734815503844523&id=6aaf707d471d70f2042873fdd5442b99Puppet Pals: is a great story telling device, Fairy Tale set is free. Buy the full version and you can add in your own puppets and backgrounds.Puppet Pals Pocket - Polished Play, LLC

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4605734550832601&id=7be1b39cf86412a80cc7ef28340d274dWord Pop by Volt. A great word game.WordPop! - Smart Box Design

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=5055808448562083&id=484f2bfa045873f14e745f5cf223b7ed
Draw something: think Pictionary over the internet with friends.Draw Something Free - OMGPOP

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4948356952687480&id=e903f8d4778c467bbcea00ec5473a4fcSchool Writing: A paid App but great for learning how to from and write all your letters. Tracks students.School Writing – Helps students learn their ABC, numbers, words and more. (Australia/New Zealand edition) - demografix pty ltd

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4950135082845463&id=8afad2c1bc7cceaf4af8820e67d3846ePixopop Sight words: Flash cards, word challenges, test, create your own lists.Tracks Students.Sight Words & Spelling with Pixopop - Marcel Widarto

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4662071623681534&id=8d9fc07cd1500668309425fa759ed453Math Drills: actually teaches math, not just asking questions. Can track students.Math Drills - Instant Interactive

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4927857091020138&id=524a61ca2fa0177ad4242c5a0f65cfa8Toontastic: is a great story telling device, leads you through the conventions of story telling. Basics is free.Toontastic - Launchpad Toys

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=5013661934289173&id=a0121870fd27e62370b119ab5022b134Google Search: get it for the voice recognition! Ask it a question or just say what you want and it will find it for you. No typing required. Great for young kids and lazy adults.
Google Search - Google, Inc.

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4795168352043009&id=d9c572ac519ed4332c592b75fbff0dc6Fotobabble: create an account then take a photo, attach a voice comment and upload to the website. All off the iPad. Great for sharing work and ideas.Fotobabble - Fotobabble, Inc