The best way to keep your children safe is to have them use computers somewhere you can keep an eye on them. There are lots of filter programmes out there which will do the job for you but these can never replace the common sense of a parent or teacher who is actively involved in the internet use of young people. Children and students like any person when given boundaries will also find a way to circumvent those boundaries if they really want to. Teaching young people how to use the internet sensibly and safely is the best filter system you can use.

The following sites have information and advice about keeping safe online. Netsafe is a New Zealand site with advice on bullying and other things. NZ Internal Affairs advice on rules to have at home or at school for young people. Cyberkids has a short simple quiz for kids to take about internet safety.

Internet Filter Programmes:

If you are using Windows 7 there is a programme free with Windows

Net Nanny is the market leader for a reason

Free software is also available one of the top ones being K9