A great tool for teachers and students, Google Docs is another collaborative tool, a good way to back up in the "cloud", a free tool to make your day easier. If you can figure out how to use it all.

Use number 1.Back up your important Word, Power Point, Publisher, picture files on-line and access from anywhere with internet access. Never lose that unit plan again. In Google docs the little up arrow symbol next to the create button is the upload button. Upload your docs and never lose them unless the net goes down. You need a Google account.ScreenHunter_02_Nov._07_10.22.gif

Use Number 2Creating forms which are like questionnaires for things like spelling and maths which once set up can save time and assess themselves.Examples below, I am still getting my head around them.

Use Number 3Embedding Docs in a wiki or blog and being able to edit the doc and it automatically updating the wiki! Will show you later.More to come.