Example of uses for Camp Organisation

1. Placing information so if students forget or lose a news letter the information is here.

Camp is Week 8, 21st of March to 24th of March 2010
We need:
  • Parents with vehicles to drive to Adrenalin Forest then camp. Transport for 18 children, usually 3-4 per vehicle so 4-5 vehicles.
  • Parents with vehicles to drive from camp to school. Transport for 18 children, usually 3-4 per vehicle so 4-5 vehicles.
  • Parents to stay over night at camp, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 3-5 parents. Parents can come just in the evening if they cannot be there for the days activities.
  • Parent help on the Akaroa day 1 adult to 6 children
  • Parent help on water day 1 adult to 4 children down at the water. One group of students will be at archery with an adult so at any time there will only be 23 students at the water with 5 adults at a ratio of 1:4

Gear list for Camp. Note: Van can only carry so much so less is better. Back packs or soft bags are best. NO Suitcases if possible!

Bedding:Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mat (only for those in tents)
Toilet Gear: Toilet Bag
Face Cloth
Soap and soap container
2 Towels
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Sunscreen and insect repellent
Shampoo/hair stuff
Clothing:Sun hat/cap
4 pairs of socks
Sleeping gear
2 x Shorts
1x Track Pants (not jeans)
2 x Tee Shirts
1 x long sleeved shirt
1x Warm jersey
4 sets of underwear
1 x Waterproof jacket
Swimming Togs
Wet Suit (optional-or gear suitable for sailing like old shorts and shirt)
1 x old sneakers or wetsuit booties
(They will get wet!)
1x sneakers suitable for long walks

Study Gear: Back pack (school bag works)
Pencil case
Reading Book (and games/cards etc for quiet times)

Other: 1 x Black Plastic rubbish bag for camp use
2 x Plastic supermarket bags for wet or dirty clothes
Knife, fork, spoon, dinner and dessert plate, cup and mug

2. having copies of forms required such as medical or camp contracts e.t.c.

Here is the form to fill in if you can help on camp. Right click to download and save. Print then bring into school or email the teacher the form.

3.Use Google maps to embed the places or routes parents might need.

The way to Spencer Park from school

Here is where we are sailing on Wednesday

4. Using Goodle Docs to create forms or documents that need to be filled out to help organise camp.

Can use it to organise transport, who sleeps in which tent, who brings what food/equipment creating an FAQ for students and parents e.t.c. When creating the Doc make it shareable with everyone you want to access the document and it will update straight to the wiki without anyone having to edit the doc in the wiki. Very cool.
Create the doc in Google docs the in the menus go to File-Publish to web, get the embed code then place is in the widget.
http://www.bgsu.wikispaces.net/Embed+a+Google+Documentz has a good walk through.