Here are a list of programmes that are worth downloading. They are free and small. I use them all on a daily basis.

Screenhunterlets you take screenshots of your page. 3 meg.
Screen Recorder lets you record your screen movements, good for capturing youtube clips and then editing or incorporating into class videos. No sound. Scroll down to the free section.
Audacity for recording sound, either you or things off the internet. Even used it once to monitor the class when I left the room. To convert to mp3's you will need the file here. Install in your audacity folder
SMPlayer media player that plays everything without codec or zone hassles. 17 meg.
Infranview easy picture editor and screensaver maker. 1.3 meg.

You can download these in Useful Files. I wont update that page as newer versions come out but they still work perfectly well.

A programme you can use to make the flash animations, e.g. the Titles and menu buttons is called Swishmax (32 M download). You can download a trial version which will work for 14 days, then you have to buy it. If you want to get into web design and don't want to pay for Dreamweaver I suggest you give it a go.

Comic Life A programe student and adults can use to present work, kids love it and its fun! 11 meg. 30 day free trial. Download it and have a go.

Picasa is a photo management tool also great for quickly creating collages like the one below. Also good for touching up and cropping photos quickly.