This takes you through how to create a list of users and to give them a unique username, email address and password. Once created the user will be able to edit the wiki and if they want, create their own wiki.
Step One: Open the manage wiki menu


Step Two: open User creator


Step Three: You will find this. Choose the text list. Then insert a class list, first names only or fist and initials...(just copy and paste one in)

Step four: You will get to a page like this.
You want to add a prefix or suffix, some thing like cis_ or rm 18 or something. You want it to create email and paswords for you

ScreenHunter_008_Jun._12_07.52.gifNow hit continue and it will generate the list for you. Keep a copy for yourself and hand one out to each member. Reiterate to the kids that they can change their password. Issues usually arise if someone else already has that username on Wikispaces.If they want and they will have to use this to log on and edit the class wiki. It will not let them edit other wiki. For that they would have to ask for membership.

Any problems, just ask.